Corona Outbreak: PMPL South Asia 2020 LAN Event cancelled

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Corona Outbreak: PMPL South Asia 2020 LAN Event cancelled, to be played online

In view of fears about the spread of coronavirus, the PUBG Mobile League will be played entirely online this year. With this strain of the coronavirus circulating throughout the world, an additional transmission has been avoided and postponed. Despite LANs at SEA going well, it seems to be one of the first activities impacted by COVID-19 that will be PMPL South Asia 2020 which is planned to conduct at Delhi.

Corona Outbreak: PMPL South Asia 2020 LAN Event cancelled, to be played online

Although there are no formal confirmations, the possibility that the event will have to be conducted online is increasingly evident. During his web, Naman ‘ MortAL’ Mathur declined to comment on the situation, suggesting that the group would wait for an official announcement to come to a conclusion. Ketan ‘ K18 ‘ Patel explains the situation in depth through a vlog Caster and personality.

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While no public announcements have already been made by PUBG Mobile India, there were reports that some of the players provided internal communication about the situation. Although an official announcement would be better hoped for, at the moment it appears that this is only a formality. But it is important to understand that while it would be bad for both players and spectators if the LAN can not be maintained.

Meanwhile, PMPL South Asia 2020 team groups have been announced. A total of five different groups has separated from qualified 20 teams. Each group will have four teams that qualified from PMCO India 2020. The event expected to happen for 3 long weeks in which each group to battle each other before qualifying for the final week.

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PUBG Mobile taking huge popularity in India after each event, by conducting one of the biggest events of the year will sadden the spectators who wish to see their favorite players live in LAN. For PMPL 2020 South Asia live standings and points table – stay tuned to this space


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