ETG Brawlers directly qualified to PMPL 2020, renamed as Power House

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ETG Brawlers directly qualified to PMPL 2020, renamed as Power House

Team ETG Brawlers directly qualified for PUBG Mobile Pro League 2020 without participating in PMCO India this year. By replacing Team INS, Power House (previously Brawlers) got an opportunity to represent Pro league without playing the big event with other top teams. Pro League South Asia 2020 all set to commence in March 2020 with the top 20 teams in New Delhi, India.

PUBG Mobile Club Open India 2020 Spring Split, an online tournament wrapped in February 2020. The finals played between the top 16 teams from India after conducting various qualifiers. The top 9 teams from PMCO finals has got the tickets to fly Delhi for PUBG Mobile Pro League 2020.

ETG Brawlers directly qualified to PMPL 2020, renamed as Power House

There is no prize pool for PMCO winners this year and the entire amount will be awarded for PMPL Winners for the split season. Surprisingly ETG Brawlers haven’t participated in the tournament. Earlier it is announced that Top 5 teams from PMCO 2019 will directly be going to Pro League 2020.

How Power House (aka) ETG Brawlers qualified?

The top five teams from PMCO 2019 based on points table are Entity Gaming, Team Soul, SynerGE, Team INS, Team IND. Due to certain circumstances, INS couldn’t able to play with their squad, so there disqualified to play. As per the rules, Team with the next highest point (6th Spot in PMCO 2019) will replace INS.

However, Zero Degree who secured sixth position currently representing Marcos gaming. So they can’t able to replace the team. That gives a golden opportunity for ETG Brawlers to replace INS. Brawlers were managed by Entity Gaming, based on rules two teams from the same management can’t able to qualify for the spot. So ETG Brawlers decided to withdraw themself as a part of Entity and set to participate as an independent squad by renaming as Power House.

Power House (ETG Brawlers) is one of the well-known teams for their gun power in PUBG Major tournaments. Their inclusion will cause some serious damage to their opponents. With the likes of players including Noveking and Ionic, Power House will be one of the favorites to top the table in this year PMPL. Stay tuned to this space to get all the latest news about PMPL South Asia 2020.

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