Who is Team Tamilas? The Underdogs of PMPL South Asia 2020

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Who is Team Tamilas? The Underdogs of PMPL South Asia 2020

Team Tamilas, who is one of the 9 teams from qualified PMCO Split Spring India to Pubg Mobile Pro League South Asia 2020. Hailing from the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Team Tamilas secured 4th position in PMCO India 2020 with 167 points. Notably, Tamilas will be the first team from South India to represent PUBG Mobile tournament Major event.

PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia 2020, the official Lan event all set to commence in March 2020 with the top 20 teams from India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The biggest tournament ever in the history of South Indian esports announced the total prize pool of $1 Million for winners. With the likes of Soul, Entity and Fnatic set to play the tournament, the expectation hits sky-high among Indian Esports audiences.

Who is Team Tamilas? The Underdogs of PMPL South Asia 2020

Player Roster

With 76 kills, Team Tamilas secured 2nd most kills in PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split India 2020 (3 kills behind GodLike). By involving in top battles throughout the tournament, Tamilas garnered the attention among Esports community and Pubg followers. To know about the squad here is the list of player roster of Team Tamilas who going to represent PMPL 2020.

Sl. No In-Game Name Role Instagram
1 HexTTmrSpray In-Game Leader @ig_mrspray
2 RavenTTMantyOP Entry Fragger @ig_mantyop
3 RavenTTStriker Sniper @ig_strikerftw
4 RavenTTCarry Support @_ig_carry
5 HexTTMaxy 5th Man (Assaulter) @hexagon_maxy
6 RavenVadhiyar Manager @ig_vaadhi

How the team formed and journey so far?

Team Tamilas was formed back in 2019 with the collaboration of players from two different clans Raven Esports and Hexagon Gaming. When the current clan leader of Raven, Vadhiyar who inspired watching his co-clan members Manty and Striker, he desperately wanted them to participate in competitive tournaments. With a lack of players for competitive from his clan, Vadhiyar decided to publish a community post for requesting people who interested to join the newly formed squad.

On the other hand, Hexagon gaming has two of the finest players Spray and Maxy who willing to perform in competitive scrims. By connecting each other, Team Tamilas has formed with Vadhiyar, Manty, Striker, Spray, and Maxy. The squad started playing small tournaments both online and offline to grand themself for big events.

In September 2019, Tamilas has participated in PGX PUBG Mobile Tournament which held at Phoenix Mall, Chennai. They completed the event as Runner ups and won the prize pool. Due to some personal reasons, HexMaxy decided to quit competitive and Team Tamilas by end of 2019.

RavenCarry later replaced Maxy just a few weeks before PMCO 2020 qualifiers. Their co-ordination worked well and Tamilas hit hard at PMCO India 2020 and secured 4th place in the finals and got their tickets for PUBG Mobile Pro League Soth Asia 2020.

The Power Factor

Team Tamilas are highly dependent on their strength – Gun Game. With 76 kills in PMCO India 2020, the squad takes over others at all possible encounters and won most of them. Especially their combat with Fnatic on different occasions gets huge attention among viewers. Notably, two of their roaster RavenTTMantyOP and HexTTmrSpray among the Top Kills Leaderboard of PMCO 2020.

The Underdogs

Looking forward to PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia 2020, Team Tamilas is one of the most underrated squads who expected to cause some trouble to other teams. Popular PUBG Mobile online streamers Soul Mortal and Fnatic Scout has praised Tamilas gameplay in PMCO India 2020 and wished them to play consistently in upcoming tournaments.

With 29 kills, second-most as an individual adding massive 6300+ damages, RavenTTMantyOP will be one of the star factors of PMPL 2020. The young lad from Chennai who likely to skip is Grade 12 board exams to play Pubg Pro league. With such dedication towards the game, Team Tamilas dreams of achieving major tournaments just a one step ahead.

With the lack of experience at the big stages, Can Team Tamilas able to make any major damage to other top teams in their debut PMPL? Let’s wait and Watch. PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia 2020 all set to commence in March 2020.

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